Moving Decision

We enable Precise Marketing by providing and enabling:

  • Location Intelligence
  • Connected Media
  • Experiential Content

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Location intelligence allows us to enable a variety of Smart City applications:

  • Intelligent traffic systems
  • Land-use planning
  • Interactive digital signage systems, and so on

Digital outdoor screens have been identified as Smart City tools.

We have developed a digital registry to digitize the administration of outdoor media

We equip agencies with location intelligence tools for efficient media planning. These insights reveal:

  • Where audiences are
  • Where they have been
  • Where they are going
  • What they are talking about

We empower advertisers with insights to measure and optimize their return on media investment.

Our data-driven buying tool automates out-of-home media buying while optimizing ad spend.

We provide media owners with a tool to digitize their business processes.

This allows them to maximize revenue and optimize their inventory or media assets.

We harness a variety of data sources to generate actionable intelligence around physical locations including:

  • Proprietary data from onsite hardware
  • Private Data licensed from Social Media, Telcos, etc
  • Public or Open Data

This allows us to understand consumer movements, behavior, social chatter, traffic, smartphone use, and much more.

Location intelligence is the foundation of everything we do.